Our hero's memories plague him of a near-distant relationship. Unsure which realm is reality and which is dream, Dan reluctantly navigates his clouded mind. MOSSS decided to use flashbacks of their tumultuous relationship as a narrative device to showcase Reputation's SS16 line. We wanted to discuss a story about love while not taking the traditional boy-meets-girl love story that we're so conditioned to seeing. We wanted something that was real, something that spoke about the human condition and that love is not always a pleasant journey. It is good and bad memories swirling together, but oftentimes we look back and selectively choose which memories to recall.

Reputation is a Taiwan-based streetwear brand. MOSSS has been working at developing an American-inspired vocabulary for the Taiwanese market. We have been asked to curate a cool California vibe to open up the eyes of their audience to how we live and the art we care for. We decided to deliver a video narrative that was nuanced, thought-provoking, painful at times, and easily understood by people across cultures.