client: Red Bull

role: creative direction, design, photo research, edit

collections: #social 



Red Bull Sound Select gave us the opportunity to bring their concept of a new web series to fruition: OH SH*T. The concept of the show is that each episode revolves around someone in the music industry talking about an "oh shit" moment that they've had. One our favorite aspects of this project is that we got to explore what platform this show would be on and how we can optimize it. It would live on Facebook so we decided to go with a 9x16 format since the majority of people would watch it mobile. We created the entire look and feel of the show.


Red Bull Oh Sh*t Series Episode 3 revolves around Cherrie and her single 163 För Evigt ft. Z.E which reached world wide acclaim and internet virality. We learned that her song was rooted in talking about her neighborhood Rinkeby which is one of the hardest neighborhoods in Stockholm to grow up in. She made this song for her friends and to help them.