Radiohead held a competition to complete their video vignette series for their new album “A Moon Shaped Pool.” The parameters were to create a 0:55 second video to the song “Daydreaming”—that was it. Sometimes having very little parameters is ironically, more difficult. Having too much creative freedom allows endless possibilities. We decided to analyze the previous vignettes that were created by the other directors to see if we could identify any patterns. The commonalities that we noticed were that everything dealt with either socioeconomic issues or of the human psyche. We wanted to explore the latter and figure out what was problematic with our generation. One concept that gravitated towards us was this idea of how technology affects human interaction and although it has become a great modern tool, it is also making us lose touch with reality. We decided to create a short pinpointing our tendency to escape reality and what the frontier of a new digital reality may look and feel like.